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We selling USED toys and in our best try to make sure that you are happy to have branded used items in the bargain price with the great conditions. All items are 'as is' condition as you can expect from used ones. However, we try our best to ensure satisfaction for them all. I only sell what I am happy to buy for myself.




January 17, 2012

My First Learning Cards with Chinese Words

40 Colour Picture Flash Cards, with lively colour picture on one side, Mandarin words, English and pinyin on another side. Each card is made of superb quality with round ended. A good first learning card for children as young as 2 years old. Furthermore, this box comes with a handle on top for easy carrying.

Tiger, lion, rhinoceros, elephant, zebra, giraffe, cheetah, hippopotamus, cow, deer, horse, orangutan, kangaroo, koala bear, panda, peacock, rabbit, parrot, monkey, snail, dolphin, frog, milk cow, chameleon, donkey, polar bear, pigeon, dog, chickens, cat, squirrel, owl, hornbill, snake, sheep, pig, brown bear, penguins, tortoise, goose.

Card size: 150 x 130mm (rounded end), No. of Cards: 4
** SOLD** 


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