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We selling USED toys and in our best try to make sure that you are happy to have branded used items in the bargain price with the great conditions. All items are 'as is' condition as you can expect from used ones. However, we try our best to ensure satisfaction for them all. I only sell what I am happy to buy for myself.




September 11, 2012

Scense Mini Washing Machine

Presenting the Eco-Egg Mini Portable Washing Machine. This portable washer is perfect for doing your hand washing (lingerie, babies wear, cloth diaper and other lightweight fabrics) - automatically! Simply set the Eco Egg washer on your counter and connect the included hoses to your sink and you're ready to wash!The Eco-Egg has a 2 pound capacity, which is the perfect size for a few delicate s or T-shirts. It's pulsating action agitates the clothes in the washer without the harsh action of a true agitator- protecting your fragile hand-washing. It's perfect for dorm rooms, small apartments or just as an additional washing machine for the delicate s - you may never hand wash again!

-Hooks up for connection to your home faucet in the kitchen or bathroom
-Dimensions: 18 1/4"h x 12 3/4"w x 13"d
-Capacity: 2 pounds
-For personal and fragile articles (mimics hand wash - no spin cycle)
-Fully automatic electronic settings: Full automatic wash and rinse, Wash only, Rinse only, and Soak wash
-Light weight
-easy to carry
-Power cord length- 5'
-Weight: 13 pounds

*half of the body a bit yellowish(see pic 3)*



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