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We selling USED toys and in our best try to make sure that you are happy to have branded used items in the bargain price with the great conditions. All items are 'as is' condition as you can expect from used ones. However, we try our best to ensure satisfaction for them all. I only sell what I am happy to buy for myself.




January 4, 2014

Bumbo Baby Seat With Play Tray

The Bumbo enables babies to sit upright all by themselves!
Your Baby’s first seat, the Bumbo Baby Seat, provides a secure place to quickly set baby down, particularly when babies are old enough to hold their heads up
The Bumbo helps babies’ transition into sitting
The Bumbo is curvy on the inside, and fits baby in a snug manner, providing extra support for young babies
The main benefit of the Bumbo baby seat is that babies don't need to be strapped inside. That's part of the reason why the Bumbo is so handy
The Bumbo is made of a soft, flexible, but firm material that is durable, easy to clean and non-toxic
Bumbo Play Tray
The Bumbo Play Tray is an accessory to the Bumbo Baby Seat that provides a convenient surface for your babies toys
At this age babies must receive many opportunities to physically explore the surroundings by means of the senses of vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell and play to successfully develop their motor skills
The Bumbo Play Tray is made of a safe shatter resistant food quality plastic to ensure ultimate hygiene
Bumbo Products are designed and manufactured with care and are periodically tested to comply with all international standards

** SOLD **


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