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We selling USED toys and in our best try to make sure that you are happy to have branded used items in the bargain price with the great conditions. All items are 'as is' condition as you can expect from used ones. However, we try our best to ensure satisfaction for them all. I only sell what I am happy to buy for myself.




June 30, 2012

Kerepek Bayam

Assalam peeps!!!
Due to high demand,
Kerepek Bayam is back.
O R D E R S O P E N N O W !
Packing still remain the same yea; dalam clear plastic container (size sama dgn container bahulu)...
Price : RM17.00 Weight : 400gm (More Or Less)
So yg berminat, please call/text me... :)

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June 26, 2012

Little Tots Closets

All our preloved items (gred AAA) may have been used once or twice, yet are still in very good condition; some are even unused!

Price stated is a set price however we do sell item per item if there are request...

Happy Shopping!!!
Top : Next
Size : 2-3y
Skirt : Pumpkin Patch
Size : 8
Price :RM30

Top : Piping Hot
Size : 3-4y
Price :RM6

Top : Next
Size : 6y
Price :RM18

Top : Old Navy
Size : XS
Skirt : Pumpkin Patch
Size : 3
Price :RM24

Top : Faded Glory
Size : 24m
Pants : FOX Baby
Size : 3-6m
Price : RM15

Top : Adam
Size : 5y
Skirt : Just Jeans
Size : 6
Price :RM22

Top : One Step Up (New with tag)
Size : 2y
Pant : Target (Lite green)
Size : 1
Price :RM24

Top : Sprout
Size : Newborn
Price :RM12

Top : Pumpkin Patch
Size : Newborn
Price :RM12

Top : GAP
Size : 18-24m
Pant : Place (Stretch)
Price :RM34

Dress : Early Dress
Size : Newborn
Price :RM12

Top : Old Navy
Size: 6-12m
Skirt : Place
Size : 24m
Price : RM27

NEW with Tag
1 set : Bebissimo
Size : 3-6 month
Price : RM35

Top : Old Navy
Size: M (8)
Skirt : Target
Size : 5
Price : RM18

Top : Urban
Size: 8-9 y
Price : RM15

Top : 
Size : 2y
Skirt : Pumpkin Patch
Size : 1y
Price : RM18

Top : Pumpkin Patch
Size : 1
Price :RM15

Top : Baby Baby
Size : Newborn
Price :RM12

Top : Pumpkin Patch
Size : 7y
Pant : Piping Hot
Size : 8y
Price : RM28

Top : Dymples
Size : 2y
Pants : Cherokee
Size : 2
Price :RM20

June 18, 2012

STATS Ball Dome Play Tent with Balls

Product Description
Kids will have great fun playing and hiding in this ball play tent. The vibrant tent is sturdy and suitable for use in the house or outdoors when the weather is nice. It comes with 48multi-coloured play balls to throw around and have fun with.
*Condition 9.8/10


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Fisher-Price Song & Story Learning Chair

Product Description
Who thought learning could be this much fun? Babies and toddlers will love sitting down for story time and standing up for fun activities with the Laugh & Learn Song & Story Learning Chair. With three ways to help babies play and learn, the Learning Chair is recommended for boys and girls from one to three years old.

The chair introduces babies to the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes, and stories. View larger.

The colorful plastic parts are both durable and rounded around the edges for safety. View larger. Learning Time
Up, down, and all around, baby will love all the learning of Fisher-Priceƃs Laugh & Learn Song & Story Learning Chair. The chair introduces babies to the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. Flipping through the pages of the book, babies can hear the story from beginning to end, or learn about the different objects and characters on each page.

Musical Fun
The chair's friendly characters reinforces your baby's learning and imagination with musical ditties, silly sounds, and entertaining responses. For instance, you can tap the crayons for a "colorful" song and speech. With a volume control, the songs and stories can even play quietly as it gets close to nap-time -- and for your own sanity.

Developmental Benefits
The Learning Chair teaches through everyday experiences and develops life-long problem-solving skills as your baby learns to activate the chair's music, lights, sounds, and speech. It encourages an understanding of concepts as basic as "on" and "off." The chair also helps babies make the connection between words and objects, based on familiar things in the world.


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Lascal BuggyBoard Connector Kit

Product Description
If you want to attach the BuggyBoard Maxi to another pram/pushchair without removing the connectors, there is an Extra Connector Kit available.


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June 16, 2012


1) 3 dalam 1 (powder+moisturizers+foundation)
xperlu pakai apa2 krim lg kt muka, JIMAT MASA DAN WANG

2)Berat 50g (padat) so dapat tahan lama lebih krg 3 bulan

3) Mengikut aliran darah
Tak kira apa pun jenis kulit..gelap,putih atau sbgnya, sesiapa pun boleh pakai.

4)Kulit akan kelihatan kemas sepanjang hari. Makin berpeluh bedak ini menghasilkan hasil yg sgt cantik, muka akn lebih kemerahan.

5)Jika berpeluh tidak melekat pd tudung atau tisu sama juga jika muka basah akibat tkena air atau hujan sbb bedak ni natural terus meresap ke kulit once apply ke muka.

6)Mampu tahan selama 8 jam

7)Produk halal dan boleh di bawa solat

8)Mampu mengecutkan jerawat2 di muka

Keunikannya,basahkan span dan colek pada compact nya…bila kering akan terasa ringan je seolah2 tak pakai apa2 di muka dan paling BEST…UV dan MOISTURIZER sekali dalam satu bedak…sbb itulah bedak ni dibuat khas itu org2 timur krn cuacanya yg panas..jadi,samalah dengan cuaca di sini dan bila berpeluh muka akn lebih kemerahan sbb bedak ni meresap ke dalam kulit sambil merawat masalah2 muka. BERBALOI!

June 13, 2012

Baby Mas Playpen

Playpen with mosquito net, bassinet,side pocket and wheel with lock.

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