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March 23, 2013

Philips Avent baby monitor SCD463


Your Advantages at a glance:
  • Minimal interference from other baby monitors
  • The volume of the parent unit and the sensitivity of the baby unit can be adjusted as needed.
  • The Indicates a continuous connection between two devices.
  • A warning light comes on when the batteries must be recharged or replaced.
  • Complete freedom of movement through a secure reception in the home and garden
In good hands
Parents often have cause for worry: If the children all right? They sleep well, or my child is crying in bed, perhaps? I notice it in time, if something should happen? Thanks to the invention of baby monitors, parents can make a few less worries and more often calms one to sit back when the little ones to sleep. Reliable electronic babysitter to watch over the sleep of the child and immediately report any irregularities to the listening parents - it was a cough or a nightmare that can frighten the child up from sleep. Once a sound is heard in the nursery, the transmitter transmits the noise in the nursery to the receiver of the parents. The Baby Monitor SBC SC 463 of Philips won the test of Stiftung Warentest from November 2005 through its reliability, quality and function and has been with the good quality rating (2.4) evaluated.
Always a good feeling
With the electronic babysitter from Philips can hear parents their child always reliable and clear, no matter where they are staying in their house or in the vicinity. At the children placed in the baby unit can be adjusted depending on the volume as desired. The sensitivity of the transmission varies between low, medium and high. At the maximum setting records the baby unit every little noise. The volume of the parent unit can of course adjust as needed. The transmission quality of the product testing foundation (11/2005) with the grade good judges.
The has 16 different channels, the possible interference by the manufacturer to reduce to a minimum. If the reception by other baby monitors, radio equipment or the like to be disturbed, you can select another einafch channel for transmission. Baby and parent unit can optionally be operated on AC power or batteries werden.Wenn batteries are installed, they can take in an emergency during a power failure, the power supply. At a low loading level of the batteries will light up an appropriate warning. A powerful digital signal confirmation also displays both visual and acoustic signals, the continuous connection between baby and parent unit. Parents can be that way at all times ensure that the contact with their child will not be interrupted without being noticed. The maximum operating time of the room monitor with battery is approximately 12 hours.
Convenience for you and your child

Through the good of Warentest Foundation (11/2005) confirms the range can be easily SBC SC 463 also use mobile. The maximum range is 200 m, so that parents can move freely in the home, garden or the immediate vicinity: The reception is always assured. Ranges depending on the circumstances, it may be homely for a visit with the neighbors.
The processing of the SBC SC 463 from Philips is very solid and is supported by the Stiftung Warentest (11/2005) with well- judged. In particular, the drop test led to excellent results, that even if the device does fall down, you do not immediately fear the worst.
Tuner / Reception / Transmission:

  • Frequency band: 40.675 40.690 MHz
  • Pilot Tone: Digital
  • Maximum Range: 200 m
  • Number of Channels: 16
  • AC / DC adapter: 2x 9VDC 200mA
  • Batteries: 4x AA baby, parents 4x AA (not included)
  • User
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Operating time on battery: 12 hour (s)
  • Automatic warning "out of range"
  • Battery low charge level
  • Power Indicator
  • Volume Control



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