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July 14, 2012

The First Years Breastflow BPA-Free Bottle

Product Description
The First Years Breastflow BPA-Free Bottle
The First Years Breastflow Bottle is great for fluids of different consistencies, breast milk or formula. The 2-in-1 nipple's unique design allows babies to control the speed of the formula through suction and compression just as they naturally would while breastfeeding. Also, the bottle is known to lessen colic-related symptoms of gas and spit-up in babies.
Why You'll Love It: Allow babies more control of the speed of their formula or milk.
Age: Newborn and up
Textured nipple simulates the breast and helps lessen nipple confusion in babies.
Encourages latch-on more easily
Wide necked bottle is easy to clean
Patented nipple design allows both suction and compression to mimic natural breastfeeding
Allows baby to control the flow of the fluid
Lessens chances of colic


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