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September 14, 2015

Snake Board Two Wheel - NEW Complete Set

Snake Board, Two Wheel - NEW

RM 90

For the crowd: 130CM above child or adult
Maximum weight: 90 kg (vigor board on the label the maximum load of 50 kg and the actual differences, please refer to the details of which we shall prevail, mind please careful shot)
Maximum length: 85 cm
Maximum width: 22.5 cm
The plate body weight: 3.4 kg
Wheel frame material: thick aluminum alloy
The plate body material: ABS engineering plastic, relatively lighter material, abrasion resistant and had good performance, safety and environmental protection, on the child body harmless to the environment.
The board body: multi-layer steel plate and a steel ring
Wheel material: wear PU flash wheel (abrasion resistance, good elasticity)
Standard accessories: attach the Xinao vigor board instructions, special tools, golden yellow special backpack.

NRP: US $ 115.00


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